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The following is a list of crusades I'll need some help with in order for my accustomed spoiled standard of living to continue once in my new abode. Please help as you see fit.

Crusade for Pizza

My lot is really not that far from civilization. It's only six minutes to Colonial Mall and Wal-Mart, and only 10 minutes to the beach. However, this area of Horry County only recently, on June 29, 2000, became easily accessible from Hwy. 17 Business with the opening of the new Hwy. 22, commonly called the Conway Bypass or Veterans Hwy. Here lies the problem. There is no freakin' pizza joint that will deliver to my new house. How will one cope? Do your part in the "Crusade for Pizza" and call Domino's Pizza on Restaurant Row in Myrtle Beach, which is the closest pizza delivery joint to Summerfield, and harass them into delivering to my area.

Pizza must come soon. For years I've made fun of family members who live so far out in the sticks in NC that they have to pipe in sunshine and they have no pizza delivery. Help me to not become one of them.

Contact Info:
- Domino's Phone Number on Restaurant Row - 449-8700

- Complain to the Domino's corporate office online here.

UPDATE... Domonio's now delivers pizza! Yeah!!!

Crusade Against Coco

My second mission, which I suspect is a fruitless mission, consists of having the name of my street changed. Its name is Coco Plum Court. Have you ever heard of such? I guess I should consider myself blessed it is not Cocoa Puff Lane. I don't need chocolate cereal characters running around everywhere. I imagine a petition is the first place to start. Do I have any takers?

UPDATE... I think we're stuck with this silly street name.

Crusade For Internet DSL Phone Line

What a luxury this would be. I need it for high speed internet access to get all my freelance stuff done faster so I can go out and play.

Complain to HTC (Horry Telephone Cooperative) here.
Or complain to Verizon at 1-888-467-2375.

UPDATE... I went with Road Runner high speed cable internet access.

Crusade For Mom's Cooking

I'm hoping mom will come to my house at least once a week and cook me a meal. She of course can stay and eat. Please encourage her to be a part of my weekly feeding process. Email my mom.

UPDATE... Mom doesn't come cook on a regular basis. But that's o.k. I'm not starving.



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