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GSCAR Services
Adolescent Services

A qualified adolescent counselor is on staff and always available to provide crisis counseling, long-term counseling, victim advocacy, emergency assistance, and referrals. All of these services are available completely free of charge to clients, age 8-17, who have been sexually assaulted.

Support Groups

An adolescent victim’s support group meets on Tuesday nights from 6 PM until 7 PM. It is a wonderful opportunity to talk openly and honestly about the assault while receiving support from peers and the adolescent counselor.

Victim & Family Assistance

The adolescent counselor also provides follow-up services. The goal of the counselor is to help all victims come to the realization that they are SURVIVORS! Support services are also available for the parents and relatives of adolescent victims. GSCAR is always ready to offer help and hope to the entire family.

Community Awareness

The adolescent counselor also serves area schools and the community through educational presentations that cover topics such as the trauma of sexual assault, acquaintance rape, date rape drugs, the prevalence of sexual assault in our community, sexual harassment, and healthy relationships. The counselor also addresses how a victim of sexual assault may feel: fearful, traumatized, and angry as well as misplaced guilt and stress. The adolescent counselor works hard to clarify the myths of rape while presenting the facts. Have your school, community organization, church group, or business contact the adolescent counselor at 448-3180 to make an appointment for a presentation.

Adult Services

Crisis Intervention Counseling
Support Group Meetings
24-Hour Crisis Line Response
Police, Medical, Court Information and Accompaniment
Assistance with Victim Compensation
Referral Services
Group & School Education Program

GSCAR relies on community support and area volunteers for assistance with:

24-hour Crisis Line Response
Hospital Accompaniment
Public Relations
Fund Raisers
Clerical and Additional Services as needed

If you would like to volunteer with GSCAR, please call the Volunteer Coordinator at 448-3180 for more information.